“Tempest Design is an integral part of our R&D team. We have relied on their expertise, advice and dependable service for many years.” 

Gary Harris

“We’ve worked with Tempest Design for a long time. They are always on-time, on-budget, and have a good understanding of design for high-speed systems.” 

Chris Hardwick

“I’ve worked with Paul at Tempest Design, Inc. for almost 9 years on 15 PCB designs including a complex HDI board. And the boards all worked on the first build with none (or very minor) PCB issues. In my 30+ years of design I’ve never had an easier time getting PCB layouts done!

• Independent … reads the layout guides, defines the layout rules, defines the board stack-up (including working the PCB house), does new symbol footprints & 3D models, does placement (with minimal input required) and layout, handles all the DFM issues, and generates all the PCB and mechanical outputs.

• Efficient … never missed a schedule deadline and was at times done early … even when there was “design thrash”.

• Proactive … continuously learning new features in the latest Altium layout tools to make the layout go faster and make layout reviews much easier … as well as providing significant improvements to the overall VersaLogic PCB design process.” 

Bob Fitch

“VersaLogic has used Paul for well over 20 years.  He is very easy to work with, hits his targets and the quality of his work is one of the reason we go back so often.  I wish I could clone him!” 

Adam Houston

“I highly recommend working with Paul Hinchcliff of Tempest Design, Inc.  Paul is ingeniously skilled at PCB Design, and maintains his high quality of work even when designs are pressed for time, which says wonders about his knowledge base and his scheduling abilities.  Paul is cool, calm, and collected; he is easy to communicate with, he clarifies any issues that arise during the layout design process, and he makes sure his customer’s design is well represented when interfacing with the PCB Fabrication houses as well.  I have been working with Paul for over four years now, and every board design he has provided has been of superb quality and thoughtful craftsmanship.  I am thankful to have Paul in my corner with each new board design.”  

Melissa Johnson, Sr. Hardware Engineer

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